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The mission of stlb™ is to Employ, Educate,
and Empower our neighbors who are blind or visually impaired.

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to stlb™. Since 1964, we have been the leading provider of job opportunities for individuals who are blind or who have low vision in the southernmost area of the Lone Star State.

What started as a tiny business which employed just three blind individuals has grown into a thriving organization which employs dozens.

Please feel free to browse our site to learn about our manufacturing and administrative capabilities but more than that, we invite you to learn about our most valuable asset—our employees.

Our mission is to employ, empower, and educate our neighbors who are blind or visually impaired, and we accomplish this in many different ways. From modifying equipment on the production floor to accommodate blind operators to incorporating screen readers and magnifiers in our offices, we live our mission every day.

You can contact us with questions Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST or email us at info@stlb.net

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Latest News

Halloween 2022

stlb wants to first thank everyone who participated in this year’s annual Halloween Contest.  Thanks to everyone who dressed up and voted, you all have made this day one of my favorite days to be a part of.  This was our closest year yet, we had some really great...
STLB's Eric Fitzpatrick has earned this year's Artie Lee Hinds Award.

STLB’s Eric Fitzpatrick earn’s this year’s Artie Lee Hinds Award.

Right in the middle of college studies isn't the ideal time to lose your sight, but in the nearly two decades since that time, STLB's Eric Fitzpatrick has continued to push forward with a successful and productive life, earning this year's Artie Lee Hinds Award. "My...
Eli Torres Employee of the Year candidate 2022

STLB’s 2021 Employee of the Year for Indirect Labor and nominee for National Industries for the Blind’s Peter J. Salmon award. Eli Torres

Losing your sight later in life can be an especially terrifying experience with a much bigger learning curve and adjustment to living with no or little vision.  Such was the case for Eli Torres, who has been blind for the last 16 years from diabetic retinopathy, and...
Corina Salina 2022 EoY candidate

STLB’s Employee of the Year for Direct Labor and National Industries for the Blind’s nominee for the Milton Samuleson Award. – Corina Salinas

Courageous... optimistic... relentless... independent... nurturing and ambitious...  These are the characteristics that define Corina Salinas, STLB's 2022 Employee of the Year for Indirect Labor and nominee for National Industries for the Blind's nominee for the...
Glen Slaughter 2022 EoY candidate

STLB’s Employee of the Year for Direct Labor and National Industries for the Blind’s nominee for the Peter J. Salmon Award. Glen Slaughter

When STLB's Glen Slaughter was 18, he had hopes of joining the Air Force until tests revealed that he had Macular Degeneration.  The devastating news meant that not only was he unable to join the Air Force, but that he eventually would go blind.  By his late 20s, his...

The triple crown to our success...

stlb™ works hard to provide many opportunities to keep our employees working as well as adding new business opportunities, allow us to seek to recruit more employees. Please look at our 3 areas in which you can help us to keep people in a job. 

1Store Solutions

When you shop with 1 Store Solutions, you’re getting top-notch products and service that can’t be beat. Whether in person, on line, by phone, or fax, we guarantee to give your order top priority. Rest assured that when you shop with us, you are receiving the best products and customer service around. But that’s not all. When you purchase from 1 Store Solutions or 1StoreSolutions.com, you’re providing real employment opportunities for people who are blind or who have low vision.


As an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management Systems manufacturing company we pride ourselves in delivering value and quality in all the items we manufacture, build and package. We have several different product lines spanning office products to specialized plastic shipping containers.

These products allow us to employ people who are blind or visually impaired. Please choose us for your needs and help to employ, educate and empower those individuals.


For more than five decades, stlb™ has proudly served our community by generating opportunities that enable our neighbors who are blind to improve their quality of life. Our mission to Employ, Educate and Empower drives us to think outside the box and be the difference makers for those living with vision loss and experiencing certain challenges in obtaining employment and independence.


We’ve tried to make our website as user friendly as possible. We have implemented accessibility features so that all visitors to this space can have an equally informative and enjoyable experience. If you have any suggestions for improvements or additions to these features, please feel free to email us at info@stlb.net.

  • Visual Modifications – Users can change the color scheme and size of the text that appears on the screen.
  • Auditory Modifications – We have taken great care to ensure our website complies with guidelines for screen readers.

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