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stlb wants to first thank everyone who participated in this year’s annual Halloween Contest.  Thanks to everyone who dressed up and voted, you all have made this day one of my favorite days to be a part of.  This was our closest year yet, we had some really great costumes and I feel that we are all winners.  Here are our 2022 Halloween Contest winners:

Agnes Contest Winners:

First Place

It Clown

halloween It Clown

Second Place

Third Place
Cruella de Vil

3rd place – Juan S. & Gabby G. = Captain Chaos and Captain OCD

Agnes Group:

First Place
The Uncle Festers

megan h flower child costume

Victoria & Retail Store Winners


First Place
Toy Story

adams family halloween 2021

Second Place
The Price is Right

FBI and PRisioner Halloween 2021

Third Place
The Scary Group

Jason and Zombie Halloween 2021


First Place

Catrina Halloween 2021

Second Place
Skull Face

Mother Nature Costume Halloween 2021

Third Place

Jason and Zombie Halloween 2021

Again CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!!!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed the dressing up and pictures and I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with next year.  Have a safe night and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone!!!!!!

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