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Plastic Tray Conversion

stlb™ is working with the USPS helping employees to sort your mail

stlb™ has been converting plastic trays for the United States Postal Service since 1993. Through this long and fruitful partnership stlb has grown their plastic conversion lines to over 10 machines and the capability of producing over 3 million trays a year. stlb™ has also used their capabilities in producing custom plastic solutions for commercial companies for online fulfillment centers and kits for distributions.  This product line started with manual ultra-sonic welding machines and an assembly line that hand folded the trays.  The stlb™ engineering and mechanic team custom made automated folding and welding machines that allowed stlb to increase the output exponentially while retaining all employees and increasing the employees in the line through volume increases.

stlb™ is always open to new projects that would allow us to expand our plastic conversion line.

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