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Community Involvement

Services that we offer to the community.

Our calling includes three major objectives:

Providing good paying jobs with good benefits in an inclusive and safe environment for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Enlightening and engaging our community in an effort to make the places we live, work, and play, more inclusive of persons with disabilities – including blindness.

Providing the knowledge and tools that afford more opportunities to increase independence and improve quality of life

Here are just some of the ways we put our mission into motion:

Blindness Etiquette Classes

Allow South Texas Lighthouse to come into your business, meeting space, or classroom and teach you and your colleagues/students some of the simple ways that you can make your environment more blind-friendly. We will teach you about physical obstacles, how to properly guide and interact with individuals who are blind. We welcome all questions. People can be apprehensive about what is new to them, and we empathize. We would like to help you better understand vision loss and the many capabilities of those who live with it.

Large Print and Braille Menus

If you own a restaurant, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to provide accessible menus to your patrons who are blind? We can help! At no cost to you, we would be happy to provide your establishment with menus in large print and Braille. These menus would be greatly appreciated by those who need them.  And, although we are sure your wait staff would be willing to read menu options to your customers who are blind, this gives them the opportunity to allow guests to browse the menu at their own pace and help patrons to make their selections without feeling rushed. It’s a win-win! In addition to the menus, we will also provide our Blindness Etiquette classes to your staff if desired!

Blind and Low Vision Store

We have a wide selection of products that can help you or someone you know who is totally blind or low vision. Choose from several products that allow you to tell time, including talking, Braille or large print watches. Or perhaps you’d prefer a talking clock or key chain? We will even help you set the time before you leave the store. If you need a replacement cane or cane tip, we have a wide variety of styles and sizes. Looking for a magnifier? We carry those too!
We also carry 20/20 pens and talking calculators. And if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we will help you find it! Our storekeeper is very knowledgeable and has personal experience using these products; he will make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase so that you can enjoy more of the independence that these products offer.

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