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Base Supply Centers

Fulfilling our Mission through 1 Store Solutions…

In addition to providing employment opportunities in manufacturing, South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind also provides opportunities in Government and Retail Operations. In 1997, South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind began operating base supply centers (BSC’s) on military installations in Texas.

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Formerly known as ServMarts, these BSC’s, now called 1 Store Solutions, are convenient locations on base providing mission essential equipment to personnel and contractors.  Customers can purchase the office supplies, tools, and technology items necessary to keep their commands running smoothly.

In addition to the BSC’s at Naval Air Stations Corpus Christi and Kingsville, the Lighthouse opened 1 Store Solutions at Travis Air Force Base in California in 1998. In 2005, another store was opened at Naval Air Station Meridian in Mississippi. 2007 saw the opening of the Lighthouse’s fifth BSC location at Columbus Air Force Base, also in Mississippi. The sixth store opened in 2009 in Hawaii at Sand Island Coast Guard Base. All six locations employ blind or low vision Americans; as you can see, our mission reaches across the nation.

Shortly after acquiring the BSC at Travis AFB, South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind added the Individual Equipment Element (flight gear, gloves, boots, etc.) and Hazmat operations on that base and at NAS Kingsville. Beginning in 2007, Navy Supply awarded Hazmat operations contracts to the Lighthouse at Naval Air Stations Corpus Christi, Kingsville, and Meridian.  South Texas Lighthouse holds a service contract with Corpus Christi Army Depot to provide safety items to workers as well as the Container Reclamation contract through DLA; both of these agreements employ blind individuals.

These efforts have contributed greatly to the Lighthouse’s ability to provide meaningful jobs to individuals who are blind or who have low vision.

Thanks to the evolution of access technology and ecommerce, customers can now place orders at www.1storesolutions.com. With tens of thousands of products available online 24/7, both government and commercial customers can order supplies at their convenience. The 1 Store Solutions team is expanding professional job offerings for blind individuals in the areas of ecommerce Customer Service and Inside Sales.

You may contact any of our 1 Store Solutions locations at the following numbers:


  • Travis Air Force Base — (707) 424-0597


  • Sand Island Coast Guard Base – (808) 842-3001


  • NAS Meridian — (601) 679-3147
  • Columbus AFB — (662) 434-2401


  • NAS Corpus Christi – (361) 939-0269
  • Corpus Christi Army Depot Safety Store – (361) 937-8687
  • NAS Kingsville – (361) 592-4819

For questions about our webstore, contact our Inside Sales Department at (888) 255-8011, extension 341

For additional information about retail opportunities, please contact:

Pamela Braatz,
Vice President of Government and Retail Operations
(888)255-8011, extension 116.

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