Why We’re Here

We started in 1964 assembling mops and brooms and selling them door to door.  With a vision to employ more people in our community, we have grown to over 200 employees and over 500 skus of products spanning from the East coast to Hawaii.  With the same values and mission that built the foundation of the company, we now embrace the identity that organically evolved over the last 55 years as stlb™.   

2020 and Beyond

After 8 years of exciting growth and expansion through product lines and acquisitions into new markets we needed to update our brand and messaging to better reflect who we are and all we have to offer.

And so we’re excited to share with you the new stlb™ brand.

The New Logo

Representing our mission to employ, educate and empower-the hands are uplifting vision beyond sight in our employees, communities and in our business.

Maroon is an empowering color that reflects our passion for the mission and our excitement in the future. Charcoal reflects our strength and stability that has been our foundation for the past 55 years

We are a modest company still making a big difference. 

The New Website

We are launching a brand new website, consistent with the new and improved brand direction.  You’ll see similar updates across all stlbmaterials over the coming weeks, ensuring consistency and quality in all that we do.

Our New Face

Same mission, different look- our new look reaffirms our mission and our continued growth.

  1. Vision beyond sight
    1. Vision for more opportunities for our employees, Vision for upward mobility and skills as we grow into different product lines, and vision into the future with partnerships outside of the government sector into all communities.
  2. Diversifying to succeed
    1. Diversifying customers and vendors to continue to grow capabilities, markets and product lines to align to our vision
  3. Keeping it Simple
    1. In embracing our acronym we embrace the simplicity of our mission and our vision recognition in our communities.

What’s next

We will continue our mission and great service moving into 2020.  Check out the new website and keep your eye out for new things to come.

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